Undesirable Seed of Selfish Desire

The mind is a factory manufacturing desires in all of us;

Ibrahim John
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Human beings believe that you can find happiness if you pursue selfish satisfaction to the detriment of people around you.

But I want to tell you that unselfish desires and humane motivation and ambition alleviate the sufferings of people around you and also contribute to their welfare.

Greedy / Selfish Desires

(1) Power

(2) Prestige

(3) Profit

(4) Pleasure

I, John have an ambition. In fact, I am the most ambitious person and that is to reduce myself to zero level; to do away completely with selfish desires; transform any selfish desire into selfless desire; to see that everybody in the world has:

(1) Shelter

(2) Clothing

(3) Enough food to eat

A man driven by a desire for money looks at the world and says, “How can I turn it into my personal estate”.

He is conditioned to believe that when he fulfills this desire he will find lasting satisfaction.

Take for example a person who desires to eat fish pepper soup in his mind and then goes and buys and eats it to his satisfaction, when asked if he is satisfied he will answer yes.

Ask him again an hour later if the fish pepper soup still gives him satisfaction, and he will reply that that was an hour ago!

Experience has shown us that when you desire a particular thing and find fulfillment in that desire, the happiness you feel is not something given by that thing (fish pepper soup) or that experience (promiscuity), it is due to that craving that is only for a little while; for the mind does not rest in this state of no desire.

The mind is a factory manufacturing desires in all of us; it makes colors, and models, working overtime, seven days a week.

Nature has made the desire to exhaust itself, that is why the eating that fish pepper soup will not give you lasting satisfaction, and if you keep eating it three times a day for a week, satisfaction will turn to satiation (having so much that you do not want anymore).

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