When Drunk with Ignorance, Lies become Truth

Inner happiness cannot be found outside but because of ignorance

Ibrahim John
3 min readMay 9, 2022

A drunkard was approached by another man who told him that his wife was crying because she was a widow.

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The drunkard on hearing that his wife said she was a widow began to cry too.

Another man saw him crying and asked why he was crying and he told him that his wife said she was a widow.

You see what getting drunk can cause. Because he was drunk with alcohol and lost his sense of reasoning, he believed the lie that his wife was actually widowed.

If he was not intoxicated with alcohol, he would have known that with him still alive, his wife cannot be a widow.

The incident that his wife is a widow is a lie but because he was drunk, to him the experience was a real one.

Inner happiness cannot be found outside but because of ignorance.

When people see others looking happy, they think they are truly happy, that they have inner peace;

they don’t know it is a mask they are wearing to cover the hurt they are going through.

Let me tell you the story of an old woman who lost her money and instead of searching for it inside her house, went to the street where there was a lamp.

A good Samaritan saw her searching and without asking what it was she was looking for, join in the search.

A policeman came along and saw the two searching for something, too without asking any questions joined them.

Along came a pastor who also did not find out what the trio was searching for, and joined the wagon of searchers.

Finally, a banker came and when he saw the group seriously searching for something, he asked the pastor what was missing and the pastor replied that he did not know, that he saw the three people searching and just joined in the search.

The lesson here is that happiness is within you. You are happy to lend a helping hand to a fellow human being whom you see seems in distress.

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